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US to Canada Vacation: Ontario Border Crossings

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US to Canada Vacation: Ontario Border Crossings

Now that Canada allows fully-vaccinated US citizens to vacation within our borders, many Americans are itching to pay a visit to their next-door neighbor. But, with so many excellent vacation spots in Ontario, it can be impossible to decide on a destination. We may be biased, but we think the Haliburton Highlands offers one of the best getaways in the province. We invite Americans to relax and reconnect with nature at Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa in Eagle Lake, Ontario.

The Ontario border crossings within Michigan and New York offer the most accessible entry to the province and a fantastic road trip opportunity! You can also visit our Ontario resort by flying into Muskoka Airport and making a short one-hour drive. Read on to discover how you can travel from the United States to Ontario this summer!

Ontario Border Crossings from New York

Without a doubt, the best place to cross the border from New York to Ontario is by Niagara Falls. Cross the border at Peace Bridge, Rainbow Bridge, Whirpool Rapids Bridge, or Lewiston-Queenston Bridge. The drive is only four hours from the crossing to our resort in Eagle Lake.

Ontario Border Crossings from Michigan

Michigan shares a 720-mile border with Ontario with four border crossings at Sault Ste. Marie Bridge, Blue Water Bridge, Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, and Ambassador Bridge. The drive from the border crossings to Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa takes approximately six hours.

Where to Stop Along the Way to Sir Sam’s Inn

  • Approximately one hour into your drive from the New York crossings, you will come across Hamilton, Ontario. This city is an excellent destination to stretch your legs at the Royal Botanical Gardens or explore scenic waterfalls like Albion Falls.
  • Two hours into your road trip from Detroit, you can make a stop at London, ON. Nature lovers can explore beautiful Victoria Park, and families can stop for an afternoon at a museum or the Storybook Gardens amusement park.
  • Both the Michigan and New York crossings will take you right through Toronto, the bustling capital of Ontario. We recommend booking a hotel for the night here so you can experience the wealth of museums, parks, shopping, dining, and famous attractions available.
  • Both crossings will also take you through Barrie, Ontario, where you can stop for lunch in the historic downtown or get out for a day on the water at Lake Simcoe, the largest lake in Southern Ontario.

Flights to Ontario from NYC and Detroit

If you are interested in flying to Ontario, you can fly to the Muskoka Airport or the Toronto Pearson Airport. There are no direct flights from Detroit to Muskoka, so you will have to schedule your flight to Toronto and then drive the rest of the way. However, if you are coming from New York City, you can fly directly from NYC to Muskoka.

Discover the Perfect Escape at Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa

If you are planning to travel through the Ontario border crossings from New York or Michigan, we will reimburse you with a $50 gas card to help pay for fuel! Once you have arrived at Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa, you will be met with a tranquil escape in the heart of the Highlands. Whether you want to explore the great outdoors or unwind at the spa, we have something for everyone visiting Ontario this summer!