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Save on Your 2022 Getaway: Ontario Staycation Tax Credit

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Vacations add up fast when you factor in the cost of travel, accommodations, food, and activities. But, this year, Ontario residents have the unique opportunity to save on their vacation expenses with the Ontario staycation tax credit. This tax credit incentivizes Ontario residents to vacation within the province by offering a 20% discount on accommodations that cost up to $1,000 for individuals and $2,000 for families.

Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa provides the perfect escape for Ontario residents with exceptional dining, charming lakeside accommodations, and a relaxing on-site spa. If you book our Forget the Fuel package, not only will we help reimburse your gas bill, but you can also take advantage of the Ontario staycation tax credit at our resort. Read on to learn more about planning your staycation at our luxury Ontario resort!

Ontario Staycation Tax Credit Information

The Ontario Staycation tax credit is available for any Ontario resident who vacations during 2022. Our local communities need help recovering after the financial impacts of the pandemic, and this tax credit is intended to do just that. Here are a few common questions you may have about the tax credit:

  • How much money can I receive from the tax credit? You will receive 20% back of your vacation accommodations that cost up to $1,000 for individuals and $2,000 for families. This means you can receive up to $200-$400 after filing your tax return.
  • What expenses are eligible? Hotels, resorts, cottages, campgrounds, and vacation rentals
  • How do I apply for the credit? Claim the credit on your personal Income Tax and Benefit Return. And make sure to keep your receipts!

Why Staycation at Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa?

Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa offers a tranquil escape for couples and friends to relax and reconnect in the heart of nature. We offer several convenient amenities on-site, so you can spend more time vacationing and less time traveling. From luxury spa treatments to bonfires at the lake; here are a few extras that set us apart:

  • Sir Sam’s Spa: Feel your stress melt away at our Haliburton spa with revitalizing massage therapy and body treatments. We also have a WaterSpa, where our guests can alleviate aching muscles in our warm saltwater pool.
  • Dining at Twin Fires: Our Twin Fires restaurant offers delicious dishes in a quiet and romantic atmosphere. We also have an impressive wine cellar so that you can enjoy the perfect glass of wine with every meal.
  • On-Site Recreation: We make it easy to explore the Highlands with our on-site nature trails and complimentary watercraft for Eagle Lake. We also offer a swimming pool during the summer and evening bonfires at the lake.

Plan Your Staycation at Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa Today

Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa offers a beautiful retreat for your Ontario staycation, with multiple ways to save beyond the tax credit. We offer getaway packages throughout the year that offer different ways to save, like our Forget the Fuel promotion. You will receive a complimentary $50 gas card when you stay with us for three nights. Browse our cozy lakeside rooms and take advantage of the Ontario staycation tax credit!