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Unique Things to Do in Haliburton with Yours Outdoors

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As the weather starts to cool down in Ontario, many of us are already thinking about the upcoming winter season. Winter in the Haliburton Highlands is one of our favourite times to get outside and enjoy the region’s natural beauty. At Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa, we are proud to partner with Yours Outdoors to provide our guests with unique experiences that focus on outdoor recreation, creative learning, and local heritage. They offer unique things to do in Haliburton that everyone will love, ranging from ice climbing to glass blowing. Read on to learn more information about the engaging activities and programs with Yours Outdoors:

Ice Climbing

The first activity on our list you can do with Yours Outdoors is ice climbing. All packages include knowledgeable guides, climbing equipment, a warm hut, snacks, and hot beverages. There are multiple adventures available based on your skill level. If you have never tried ice climbing before, start with the introductory High on Ice option. If you already have previous experience, then select the More of It adventure instead.

Dog Sledding

Experience the backcountry wilderness like never before on a fully guided dog sledding adventure. Start the day with an introduction to dog sledding before hitting the trails with your four-legged team. Embark on this traditional Canadian sport for a truly unique winter day.

Tai Chi in the Elements

Tai Chi in the Elements combines the classic winter activity of snowshoeing with Tai Chi yoga. This may seem like an unusual combination, but this is an excellent way to connect with yourself and nature simultaneously. Tai Chi focuses on gentle and flowing movements in order to enhance your balance and stability. And you can continue mindfulness at our Sir Sam’s WaterSpa after a day in the elements. 


If you are looking to stay warm this winter, try out one of the indoor activities with Yours Outdoors, like glassblowing. This unique activity is offered year-round and allows you to participate in the magic of working with molten glass. This ancient art can be done in one hour with A Touch of Glass or a six-hour experience with Some Like it Hot. Choose to learn about the art of glassblowing and come home with a new beautiful glass piece when you’re done.

Fur and Flintlock

Yours Outdoors offers something for everyone, including educational activities that focus on local history. Discover the fascinating world of the fur trade on the Fur and Flintlock experience. Listen to stories of the fur trade as you snowshoe to a trading post with a wildlife biologist. Once you’ve arrived, your guide will demonstrate reproduction trade goods, including flint fire making, flintlock firearms, and traps. History buffs visiting the Highlands will love this immersive experience through the past.

Stay at Our Luxury Resort and Spa

No matter what you are interested in, you can find exciting things to do in Haliburton with Yours Outdoors. You can also enjoy the best winter activities right here at Sir Sam’s Inn. Our resort is adjacent to Sir Sam’s Ski Hill, and we are near hundreds of accessible trails perfect for snowmobiling and snowshoeing. Browse all of our accommodations here and embark on a memorable adventure with Yours Outdoors.