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Guided Ice Fishing in Ontario near Haliburton

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For those of you who have never gone ice fishing, you might be wondering what would compel someone to sit out in the cold and stare at a hole in the ice waiting for fish to bite. But, for those of you who are seasoned anglers, you know that the cold is worth it. Once you get past the freezing temperatures, ice fishing is a fun and family-friendly activity that everyone can enjoy during the winter months. At Sir Sam’s Inn and Spa, we are centrally located to some of the best ice fishing in Ontario and several services offering guided fishing trips nearby. Read on to discover the fishing opportunities near our resort and start planning a winter vacation to the Haliburton Highlands today!

Ice Fishing Ontario with Yours Outdoors

Sir Sam’s Inn and Spa partners with Yours Outdoors to provide you with year-round outdoor adventures in the Haliburton Highlands. They offer two guided ice fishing trips that include everything you need to get started. Besides an expert guide, the tours include sonar, bait, pop-up tent shelter, rods, tackle, and safety equipment.

Guided Ice Fishing in the Haliburton Highlands

The trips with Yours Outdoors are highly customizable, with options to fish almost any lake in the Haliburton Highlands. Where you would like to fish depends on how long you want to be on the ice and what fish you want to catch. Common fish in the nearby lakes include lakes, rainbows, brook trout, walleye, and northern pike.

Guided Ice Fishing in Haliburton Forest

If you are looking for an exciting ice fishing adventure in the backcountry, consider this guided trip. There are over 100 lakes within Haliburton Forest, with lake trout, brookies, and rainbows swimming in the waters. Since you will be traveling in the backcountry, renting a snowmobile or bringing your own to get from one lake to another is recommended. All tours are available as half and full-day excursions.

Outdoor Junkys

If you are willing to drive a bit further from our resort for some of the best ice fishing in Ontario, consider a guided adventure with Outdoor Junkys. They offer trips on Lake Simcoe, one of Canada’s most popular ice fishing destinations. So, if you want a one-of-a-kind day on the lake, choose the Lake Simcoe Whitefish & Lake Trout experience. This trip has a very high success rate, making it an excellent option for beginners or families with young kids. They also offer a Monster Pike Fishing trip on Lake Simcoe if you want a bit more of a challenge.

All experiences include heated ice fishing tents and all ice fishing gear needed for the day.

Winter Activities in the Haliburton Highlands

Get outside and embrace the cold with a guided ice fishing trip this winter. Ice fishing in Ontario is made easy with expert guides from Yours Outdoors and Outdoor Junkys. After a day in the elements, warm up and relax at Sir Sam’s Inn and Spa. Our Glen Eagles suites are ideal for anglers since they have a full kitchen where you can prepare and cook your fish. We have everything you need for a memorable fishing vacation so join us in the Haliburton Highlands today!