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Your Guide to Stargazing in Ontario

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With over 80% of people living under light-polluted skies, stargazing is no longer as simple as stepping outside and looking up. Many of us have to drive to designated dark-sky sites to see the night sky in its full splendor. Discover Ontario stargazing just two hours from the hustle and bustle of Toronto in the Haliburton Highlands this summer! Join us for summer Astronomy Programs and gaze into the cosmos with the public telescope at Haliburton Forest.

Stay with Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa and enjoy even more stargazing on our resort grounds nestled on the shores of Eagle Lake.

Stargazing in Ontario at Haliburton Forest

Haliburton Forest is located on over 100,000 acres of undeveloped lands, perfect for stargazing away from the glow of light pollution. The Astronomy Programs are held from July through August and are led by a local astronomer who leads the program with an inspiring presentation. You will then have the opportunity to see the night sky with a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. Witness dark sky objects like the Andromeda Galaxy, planets, stars, and more. These astronomy programs can be reserved with Yours Outdoors!

If you are interested in stargazing in Haliburton Forest on your own, check the viewing conditions to learn more about the best times to visit.

Stargazing at Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa

Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa offers the perfect place to enjoy Ontario stargazing in the heart of nature. Grab a blanket and find a spot along the shore of Eagle Lake to relax and take in the views of the night sky. Or explore our on-property hiking trails and find an area away from the lights of the inn. Here are a few tips for stargazing on your own:

  • Check the weather forecast ahead of time.
  • Bring a pair of binoculars for easier stargazing without the need for telescopes.
  • Print out a star chart or download apps like Stellarium to help you identify celestial objects.
  • Avoid looking at bright lights while stargazing, red flashlights are the best option!
  • Learn to identify the differences between stars, constellations, and planets before starting.

More Dark Sky Sites near Haliburton

If you are interested in more stargazing in Ontario, you will have to travel outside Haliburton to one of these dark sky sites:

  • Algonquin Provincial Park: Just over an hour from Haliburton, you can find fantastic stargazing opportunities at Algonquin. Sign up for guided stargazing with Four Corners Algonquin and look for planets, asteroids, and shooting stars with local experts.
  • Torrance Barrens: Visit the world’s first permanently designated Dark Sky Reserve, offering unobstructed 360-degree views of the sky. This is also an excellent spot for visitors who want a chance to witness the northern lights!

Summer Getaways in the Haliburton Highlands

Spend your summer nights stargazing in Ontario at Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa. We have everything you need for the perfect summer getaway on the lake, from our on-site spa to delectable dining at Twin Fires. Discover our seasonal packages and cozy accommodations, and start planning your Haliburton Highlands vacation today!