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Plan a Wellness Retreat in Ontario

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Are you interested in a vacation focusing on your mental, physical, and emotional health? Then a wellness retreat in Ontario with Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa may be exactly what you need! Our adults-only spa resort offers the perfect setting to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect in the heart of nature. Experience overall wellness with our holistic spa treatments, immerse yourself in nature on the property’s hiking trails, and enjoy fresh, healthy food at our Twin Fires restaurant. Escape the stress of everyday life and embark on a transformative journey toward holistic well-being with us today!

Things to Do During Your Wellness Retreat in Ontario


Start your wellness journey at the WaterSpa, a water circuit sure to soothe your body and soul. The circuit experience lasts around 45 minutes to an hour. The circuit starts at a circular bench with two high-pressure jets concentrating on your neck and lower back. Continue to the pool’s centre for a reflexology massage on your feet and calves. This is followed by an Air Lounge and Champagne Grotto. Now you are ready to continue your wellness retreat in Ontario with a holistic spa treatment!

Holistic Spa Treatments

Our on-site spa promotes natural healing through a variety of holistic treatments that focus on mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

  • Reiki: Experience a non-invasive healing treatment that promotes relaxation and reduces stress, depression, and arthritis.
  • Spiritual Grounding Foot Treatment: Align your Root Chakra with a foot scrub, aromatherapy, hydrating mask, and reflexology.
  • Unconditional Love Hand Treatment: Focus on your Heart Chakra and relieve tension in your hands with aromatherapy, scrub, massage, and hydrating mask.
  • Seven Chakras Balancing Massage: Balance all seven chakras in your body using aromatherapy, reiki, crystal therapy, and a full body massage.
  • Divine Intuition Scalp and Hair Treatment: Activate the energy of your Eye Chakra with a nourishing scalp and hair mask.
  • Chakra Balancing Body Wrap: Clear all seven chakras with a body mask and reiki to form a protective shield around the body.
  • Urban Detox Body Treatment: Relieve stress, anxiety, and pain with a hot stone massage.
  • Reflexology: Improve circulation, reduce pain, and soothe tired limbs with this treatment that massages pressure points of the feet.

Traditional Spa Treatments

In addition to our holistic treatments, we also offer traditional spa treatments such as massages and facials. Our estheticians offer a variety of rejuvenating facials that focus on brightening, hydrating, and purifying your skin. Finally, we have a registered massage therapist on-site for guests who are looking for ways to address aches and pains in their back, neck, and shoulders. Please book your appointment by calling 705-754-2188!

Cozy Accommodations in the Haliburton Highlands

Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa provides an idyllic setting for your wellness retreat in Ontario, where nature and wellness harmoniously unite. Immerse yourself in the quiet beauty of our resort on the shores of Eagle Lake and unwind in our cozy accommodations. Embark on a transformative journey and rediscover your inner balance amidst the serenity of Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa today!